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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 4400'58"N 11655'17"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
40ID Fairfield [Camas Creek Ranch Airport], Idaho, US (112 mi / 180 km SE)
OR9 Imnaha [Lord Flat Airport], Oregon, US (115 mi / 185 km N)
U86 Fairfield [Camas County Airport], Idaho, US (116 mi / 187 km SE)
33ID Fairfield [Ozzy's Airport], Idaho, US (116 mi / 187 km E)
ID28 Dixie [Mackay Bar Airport], Idaho, US (117 mi / 189 km NE)
C53 Challis [Lower Loon Creek Airport], Idaho, US (118 mi / 190 km NE)
7OR8 Seneca [Inshallah Intl], Oregon, US (118 mi / 190 km W)
1S7 Slate Creek, Idaho, US (118 mi / 190 km N)
99OR Wallowa [Lazy F Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (119 mi / 191 km N)
C48 Dixie [Wilson Bar USFS Airport], Idaho, US (119 mi / 191 km NE)
OR07 Long Creek [Miranda's Skyranch Airport], Oregon, US (120 mi / 193 km NW)
96OR Ukiah [Cable Creek Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (120 mi / 193 km NW)
OR8 Imnaha [Dug Bar Airport], Oregon, US (124 mi / 200 km N)
A05 Dixie [Dixie USFS Airport], Idaho, US (125 mi / 201 km NE)
U91 Grasmere, Idaho, US (125 mi / 201 km SE)
I08 Big Creek Ranger Station [Cabin Creek USFS Airport], Idaho, US (125 mi / 202 km NE)
OR13 Dayville [Wiley Creek Airport], Oregon, US (126 mi / 203 km W)
0OR1 Dayville [Wileycreek Airport], Oregon, US (126 mi / 203 km W)
12ID Salmon [Flying B Ranch Landing Strip], Idaho, US (127 mi / 204 km NE)
09ID Moscow [Taylor Ranch Landing Area Airport], Idaho, US (127 mi / 204 km NE)

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