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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 4400'58"N 11655'17"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
93OR Baker [St. Alphonsus Medical Center-Baker City Heliport], Oregon, US (71 mi / 114 km NW)
KBKE BKE BKE Baker City [Muni], Oregon, US (72 mi / 115 km NW)
KMYL MYL MYL McCall [Muni], Idaho, US (73 mi / 117 km NE)
25ID McCall [McCall United States Forest Service Heliport], Idaho, US (73 mi / 117 km NE)
ID26 Mayfield [P and R Field], Idaho, US (73 mi / 118 km SE)
ID08 New Meadows [Price Valley Helibase Heliport], Idaho, US (73 mi / 118 km N)
1U4 New Meadows, Idaho, US (74 mi / 118 km NE)
12OR Jordan Valley [Skinner Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (76 mi / 122 km S)
OR91 Homestead [Big Bar Heliport], Oregon, US (77 mi / 124 km N)
2U0 Prairie [Smith Prairie Airport], Idaho, US (78 mi / 125 km SE)
OR11 Haines [Jensens Strip], Oregon, US (80 mi / 129 km NW)
52U Atlanta [Weatherby USFS Airport], Idaho, US (80 mi / 129 km E)
0U1 Lowman [Warm Springs Creek Airport], Idaho, US (80 mi / 130 km E)
OR03 Union [Redtail Ranch Airstrip], Oregon, US (81 mi / 131 km NW)
0U0 Landmark [Landmark USFS Airport], Idaho, US (81 mi / 131 km NE)
U45 Atlanta [Graham USFS Airport], Idaho, US (82 mi / 132 km E)
OG27 Haines [Muddy Creek Airport], Oregon, US (84 mi / 134 km NW)
U63 Stanley [Bruce Meadows Airport], Idaho, US (84 mi / 136 km E)
I92 Yellow Pine [Reed Ranch Airport], Idaho, US (85 mi / 137 km NE)
KMUO MUO MUO Mountain Home [Mountain Home AFB], Idaho, US (85 mi / 137 km SE)

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