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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 4354'56"N 6605'16"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
5ME9 Augusta [Maine General Medical Center-Augusta Heliport], Maine, US (186 mi / 300 km W)
KAUG AUG AUG Augusta [Augusta State Airport], Maine, US (187 mi / 300 km W)
CFH4 Fox Harbour [Fox Harbour Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (187 mi / 300 km NE)
ME79 Willimantic [Two Falls Airport], Maine, US (187 mi / 301 km NW)
KAWW Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument [Katahdin Woods and Waters NM], Maine, US (189 mi / 303 km NW)
ME29 Skowhegan [Redington-Fairview General Hospital Heliport], Maine, US (189 mi / 304 km W)
CCR3 Florenceville, New Brunswick, CA (189 mi / 304 km NW)
ME60 Belgrade [Sunny Hill Airport], Maine, US (189 mi / 304 km W)
08B Bowdoinham [Merrymeeting Field], Maine, US (190 mi / 305 km W)
ME65 West Bath [Miara Heliport], Maine, US (190 mi / 305 km W)
ME42 Brunswick [Mid Coast Hospital Heliport], Maine, US (190 mi / 305 km W)
CDA6 Bristol, New Brunswick, CA (190 mi / 306 km N)
CCE3 Juniper [Juniper Airport], New Brunswick, CA (190 mi / 306 km N)
03M East Winthrop [Lakeside Marina SPB], Maine, US (191 mi / 307 km W)
CDT5 Buctouche, New Brunswick, CA (192 mi / 308 km N)
KBXM BXM Brunswick [Brunswick Executive Airport (NAS Brunswick)], Maine, US (192 mi / 309 km W)
85B Patten [Shin Pond SPB], Maine, US (193 mi / 311 km NW)
KOWK OWK OWK Norridgewock [Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock], Maine, US (195 mi / 314 km W)
04ME Mercer [Beech Hill Airport], Maine, US (196 mi / 315 km W)
CWBV Beaver Island (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA (196 mi / 316 km E)

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