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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 4349'48"N 12745'00"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OR96 Medford [Beagle Sky Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (260 mi / 419 km E)
9OR7 Banks [Fishback Heliport], Oregon, US (261 mi / 419 km NE)
OG02 Banks [Rieben Airport], Oregon, US (261 mi / 419 km NE)
OG13 Ruch [Fly By Night Airport], Oregon, US (261 mi / 420 km SE)
4S4 Cornelius [Skyport Airport], Oregon, US (261 mi / 420 km NE)
7S3 Hillsboro [Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark], Oregon, US (261 mi / 421 km NE)
05S Vernonia [Muni], Oregon, US (262 mi / 421 km NE)
OR81 Hillsboro [Olinger Airpark], Oregon, US (262 mi / 421 km NE)
OG58 Central Point [Erickson Air-Crane Admin Offices Heliport], Oregon, US (262 mi / 422 km E)
OG31 Shady Cove [Shady Cove Airpark], Oregon, US (262 mi / 422 km E)
OG46 Hillsboro [Tuality Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US (262 mi / 422 km NE)
5S0 Oakridge [Oakridge State Airport], Oregon, US (262 mi / 422 km E)
36S Happy Camp, California, US (263 mi / 422 km SE)
1OR4 North Plains [North Plains Gliderport], Oregon, US (263 mi / 423 km NE)
1OR3 North Plains [Sunset Air Strip], Oregon, US (263 mi / 423 km NE)
2OG2 Central Point [Erickson Air-Crane Whetstone Heliport], Oregon, US (263 mi / 424 km E)
OG63 North Plains [Gilbert Airport], Oregon, US (264 mi / 424 km NE)
0OR8 White City [Sutton On Rogue Airport], Oregon, US (264 mi / 424 km E)
0OR5 Eagle Point [East Oregon Cattle Co. Airport], Oregon, US (264 mi / 424 km E)
OR28 Beaverton [Harvey's Acres Airport], Oregon, US (264 mi / 425 km NE)

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