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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4349'48"N 12745'00"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CGR4 Gold River [Gold River The Ridge Heliport], British Columbia, CA (159 mi / 256 km NE)
BDY S05 Bandon [Bandon State Airport], Oregon, US (176 mi / 283 km E)
5S6 Sixes [Cape Blanco State Airport], Oregon, US (176 mi / 283 km E)
KOTH OTH OTH North Bend [Southwest Oregon Regional], Oregon, US (178 mi / 286 km E)
OR49 Coos Bay [Bay Area Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US (179 mi / 288 km E)
1OR0 North Bend [Sunnyhill Airport], Oregon, US (179 mi / 289 km E)
1OR2 North Bend [Menasha Pad], Oregon, US (179 mi / 289 km E)
9S3 Lakeside [Muni], Oregon, US (180 mi / 289 km E)
79OR Reedsport [Cruse Memorial Heliport], Oregon, US (181 mi / 291 km E)
1O0 Florence [Lake Woahink SPB], Oregon, US (182 mi / 292 km E)
6S2 Florence [Muni], Oregon, US (182 mi / 293 km E)
OG57 Florence [Pier 126 Heliport], Oregon, US (183 mi / 294 km E)
45OR Coquille [Gederos Airport], Oregon, US (186 mi / 299 km E)
R33 Waldport [Wakonda Beach State Airport], Oregon, US (186 mi / 300 km E)
KONP ONP ONP Newport [Muni], Oregon, US (191 mi / 307 km E)
8OR9 Newport [Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US (191 mi / 308 km E)
GOL 4S1 Gold Beach [Muni], Oregon, US (194 mi / 313 km SE)
5S4 Toledo [Toledo State Airport], Oregon, US (197 mi / 316 km E)
6S6 Powers, Oregon, US (197 mi / 318 km E)
S45 Gleneden Beach [Siletz Bay State Airport], Oregon, US (198 mi / 319 km NE)

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