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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 4343'00"N 10333'04"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WY29 Chugwater [Vowers Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US (158 mi / 254 km SW)
SD14 Draper [Valburg Ranch Airport], South Dakota, US (158 mi / 254 km E)
NA22 Rhame [Vernon Miller Airport (Private)], North Dakota, US (159 mi / 256 km N)
MT45 Ekalaka [Castleberry Airport], Montana, US (160 mi / 257 km N)
SD97 Vivian [Oller Airport], South Dakota, US (160 mi / 257 km E)
KVTN VTN VTN Valentine [Miller Field], Nebraska, US (163 mi / 262 km E)
KBYG BYG BYG Buffalo [Johnson County Airport], Wyoming, US (164 mi / 265 km W)
KHEI HEI Hettinger [Muni], North Dakota, US (165 mi / 265 km N)
10WY Kaycee [Willow Creek Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US (166 mi / 266 km W)
45WY Casper [American Falconry Airport], Wyoming, US (168 mi / 270 km W)
KLEM LEM LEM Lemmon [Muni], South Dakota, US (168 mi / 270 km NE)
1NE6 Dalton [Miller Airstrip], Nebraska, US (169 mi / 271 km S)
KPIR PIR PIR Pierre [Pierre Regional], South Dakota, US (169 mi / 272 km E)
D58 Timber Lake [Muni], South Dakota, US (169 mi / 272 km NE)
SD36 Ridgeview [Booth Ranch Airport], South Dakota, US (169 mi / 272 km NE)
KBWW BWM BWW Bowman [Bowman Regional], North Dakota, US (170 mi / 273 km N)
MT74 Ekalaka [Sikorski Ranch Airport], Montana, US (170 mi / 274 km N)
KMHN MHN MHN Mullen [Hooker County Airport], Nebraska, US (171 mi / 275 km SE)
KBPP BPP Bowman [Muni], North Dakota, US (171 mi / 275 km N)
KOKS OKS OKS Oshkosh [Garden County/King Rhiley Field], Nebraska, US (171 mi / 275 km S)

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