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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 4320'24"N 11528'12"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OR83 Oxbow Village [Oxbow Heliport], Oregon, US (132 mi / 213 km NW)
OR14 Juntura, Oregon, US (133 mi / 214 km W)
KREO REO REO Rome [Rome State Airport], Oregon, US (133 mi / 215 km W)
3U1 Warren [Warren Airport (USFS)], Idaho, US (134 mi / 215 km N)
OR12 Homestead [Oxbow Airport], Oregon, US (134 mi / 215 km NW)
U36 Aberdeen [Muni], Idaho, US (134 mi / 216 km E)
U37 Atomic City [Midway Airport], Idaho, US (134 mi / 216 km E)
OR16 Arock [Black Bull Spring Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (136 mi / 219 km W)
U81 Cold Meadows Guard Station [Cold Meadows USFS Airport], Idaho, US (137 mi / 221 km N)
11ID Riggins [Elk Creek Heliport], Idaho, US (138 mi / 222 km N)
ID34 American Falls [Power County Hospital District Heliport], Idaho, US (138 mi / 222 km E)
OR91 Homestead [Big Bar Heliport], Oregon, US (138 mi / 223 km NW)
OG47 Baker City [Three Valleys Ranch Heliport], Oregon, US (139 mi / 223 km NW)
U01 American Falls, Idaho, US (139 mi / 224 km E)
U00 Leadore, Idaho, US (140 mi / 225 km NE)
3OR9 Juntura [Murphy Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (140 mi / 225 km W)
NV04 Deeth [Marys River Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (140 mi / 226 km S)
ID28 Dixie [Mackay Bar Airport], Idaho, US (141 mi / 227 km N)
U79 Chamberlain Guard Station [Chamberlain USFS Airport], Idaho, US (141 mi / 228 km N)
C48 Dixie [Wilson Bar USFS Airport], Idaho, US (142 mi / 229 km N)

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