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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 4306'43"N 9140'35"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
01WI Tomah [Prehn Cranberry Company Airport], Wisconsin, US (90 mi / 144 km NE)
C35 Reedsburg [Muni], Wisconsin, US (90 mi / 145 km E)
8MN7 Wabasha [St. Elizabeth Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US (90 mi / 145 km N)
WS54 Reedsburg [Reedsburg Area Medical Center Heliport], Wisconsin, US (90 mi / 145 km E)
KTZT TZT Belle Plaine [Muni], Iowa, US (91 mi / 146 km S)
27P Eldora, Iowa, US (91 mi / 146 km SW)
KVOK VOK VOK Camp Douglas [Volk Field], Wisconsin, US (91 mi / 147 km NE)
C11 Amana, Iowa, US (92 mi / 147 km S)
23WI Black River Falls [Black River Memorial Hospital Heliport], Wisconsin, US (92 mi / 148 km NE)
82C New Lisbon [Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport], Wisconsin, US (92 mi / 148 km NE)
KIFA IFA IFA Iowa Falls [Muni], Iowa, US (92 mi / 149 km SW)
53IA Tama, Iowa, US (92 mi / 149 km SW)
WN02 Mauston [Mile Bluff Medical Center Heliport], Wisconsin, US (93 mi / 149 km NE)
30MN Albert Lea [Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea Heliport], Minnesota, US (93 mi / 150 km NW)
65WN Wiota [Whoopy Hollow Aerodrome], Wisconsin, US (93 mi / 150 km E)
KMIW MIW MIW Marshalltown [Muni], Iowa, US (94 mi / 151 km SW)
IA24 Oxford [Green Castle Airport], Iowa, US (94 mi / 151 km S)
KAEL AEL AEL Albert Lea [Muni], Minnesota, US (94 mi / 151 km NW)
WI43 Daleyville [Atkins Ridge Airport], Wisconsin, US (94 mi / 152 km E)
94WI Mondovi [The Farm Airport], Wisconsin, US (95 mi / 152 km N)

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