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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4306'18"N 7515'13"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NK34 Utica [Faxton St. Lukes Healthcare-St. Lukes Campus Heliport], New York, US (1 mi / 2 km SW)
71NY Utica [St. Elizabeth Hospital Heliport], New York, US (2 mi / 3 km S)
8NY8 Utica [Hawks Field], New York, US (4 mi / 7 km SW)
6NK9 Marcy [Cec Heliport], New York, US (5 mi / 8 km N)
(KUCA) (UCA) Utica [Oneida County Airport], New York, US (7 mi / 11 km NW)
6B4 Utica/Frankfort [Frankfort-Highland Airport], New York, US (7 mi / 12 km SE)
NY53 Rome [M & M Airfield], New York, US (9 mi / 15 km NW)
5NY4 Rome [Stanwix Heights Airport], New York, US (10 mi / 16 km W)
27NK Schyler [Mohawk Air Park], New York, US (11 mi / 17 km E)
KRME RME RME Rome [Griffiss Intl], New York, US (12 mi / 19 km NW)
FOST Rome [Fort Stanwix NM (Fort Stanwix National Monument)], New York, US (13 mi / 20 km NW)
NY62 Verona [Curtis Airport], New York, US (15 mi / 24 km W)
NY23 Mohawk [Mac Airport], New York, US (17 mi / 27 km SE)
45NY Verona [Turning Stone Resort & Casino Heliport], New York, US (17 mi / 28 km W)
NY57 Remsen [Remsen City Airport], New York, US (18 mi / 29 km N)
NY26 Herkimer [Sky-Ranch Airport], New York, US (20 mi / 32 km SE)
0NY5 Oneida [State Police Troop D Heliport], New York, US (20 mi / 32 km W)
K16 Rome [Becks Grove Airport], New York, US (20 mi / 33 km NW)
02NY Durhamville [Hansen Heliport], New York, US (20 mi / 33 km W)
NK14 Little Falls [Little Falls EMS Heliport], New York, US (21 mi / 34 km E)

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