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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 4305'35"N 7043'41"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
22MA Rockport [Poole's Heliport], Massachusetts, US (32 mi / 52 km S)
02ME Acton [Nadeau's Airfield], Maine, US (32 mi / 52 km N)
MA15 Gloucester [Pond Road Heliport], Massachusetts, US (32 mi / 52 km S)
MA13 Gloucester [Nugent Heliport], Massachusetts, US (32 mi / 52 km S)
NH15 Barnstead [Locke Lake Airport], New Hampshire, US (33 mi / 52 km NW)
92MA Hamilton [Ames Heliport], Massachusetts, US (33 mi / 52 km S)
KLWM LWM LWM Lawrence [Muni], Massachusetts, US (33 mi / 53 km SW)
47MA Hamilton [Devon Glen Heliport], Massachusetts, US (33 mi / 53 km S)
NH54 Derry [Parkland Medical Center Heliport], New Hampshire, US (33 mi / 54 km SW)
MA42 Gloucester [U S C G Heliport], Massachusetts, US (34 mi / 54 km S)
18MA Methuen [Holy Family Hospital Heliport], Massachusetts, US (34 mi / 54 km SW)
16MA Lawrence [Lawrence General Hospital Heliport], Massachusetts, US (34 mi / 55 km SW)
35NH Windham [Cobbetts Pond SPB], New Hampshire, US (34 mi / 55 km SW)
NH68 New Durham [Merrymeeting Lake SPB], New Hampshire, US (35 mi / 56 km NW)
13NH Alton [Coffin Brook Landing Heliport], New Hampshire, US (35 mi / 56 km NW)
ME93 Old Orchard Beach [Beaulieu Heliport], Maine, US (35 mi / 56 km NE)
98M Saco [Greaton Airfield], Maine, US (35 mi / 56 km N)
34MA Manchester-By-The Sea [Crowhurst Heliport], Massachusetts, US (36 mi / 57 km S)
ME90 Waterboro Center [Little Ossipee Lake SPB], Maine, US (36 mi / 58 km N)
80ME Scarborough [Bayley's Field], Maine, US (36 mi / 58 km NE)

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