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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 4301'48"N 7855'14"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYOO YOO Oshawa (Toronto) [Muni], Ontario, CA (62 mi / 99 km N)
0NK3 Groveland [Seven Gullies Airport], New York, US (62 mi / 99 km E)
CPL7 Bowmanville [Bowmanville Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (62 mi / 99 km N)
XPN Brampton [Railway Station], Ontario, CA (62 mi / 100 km NW)
CMB5 Campbellville [Campbellville (Bellshill Airpark) Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (62 mi / 100 km NW)
55NK Rochester [Unity Hospital Heliport], New York, US (63 mi / 101 km E)
NY15 Lakeville, New York, US (63 mi / 101 km E)
KJHW JHW JHW Jamestown [Chautauqua County/Jamestown Airport], New York, US (63 mi / 101 km S)
KROC ROC ROC Rochester [Greater Rochester Intl], New York, US (63 mi / 102 km E)
9NY4 Kennedy [Kennedy Airfield], New York, US (65 mi / 104 km S)
CNU8 Markham, Ontario, CA (65 mi / 104 km N)
37NY Cuba [Cuba Memorial Hospital Heliport], New York, US (65 mi / 105 km SE)
52NY Honeoye Falls [Bedson's Land Base Airport], New York, US (65 mi / 105 km E)
19NY Reading [Four Seasons Airport], New York, US (65 mi / 105 km SE)
CWPS Long Point (MAPS), Ontario, CA (66 mi / 106 km SW)
2NY5 Rochester [Strong Memorial Hospital Heliport], New York, US (66 mi / 106 km E)
XHM Georgetown [Railway Station], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 107 km NW)
53NY Honeoye Falls [Smiths Land Base Airport], New York, US (66 mi / 107 km E)
84NY Rush [Skyview Airport], New York, US (66 mi / 107 km E)
CNZ6 Georgetown [Georgetown Georgetown & District Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 107 km NW)

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