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Location codes 1-20 of 60 near location 42°57'16"S 136°12'39"W:

ICAO  IATA  Location
NEMO Pacific Ocean [Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility (Point Nemo)] (739 mi / 1190 km SE)
NTGJ GMR Mangareva [Totegegie], Gambier Islands, PF (1372 mi / 2207 km N)
NTTX UOA Mururoa Atoll [Mururoa Airstrip], PF (1465 mi / 2357 km N)
NTAV RVV Raivavae, Tubuai Islands, Austral Islands, PF (1468 mi / 2363 km NW)
NTGY ZTA Tureia, PF (1535 mi / 2470 km N)
NTAT TUB Tubuai, Tubuai Islands, Austral Islands, PF (1550 mi / 2495 km NW)
NTKU NKP Nukutepipi, PF (1584 mi / 2549 km N)
NTGW NUK Nukutavake, PF (1638 mi / 2635 km N)
NTAR RUR Rurutu, Tubuai Islands, Austral Islands, PF (1661 mi / 2673 km NW)
NTUV VHZ Vahitahi, PF (1673 mi / 2692 km N)
NTGE REA Reao, PF (1687 mi / 2715 km N)
RMT Rimatara [Rimatara Airport], PF (1694 mi / 2726 km NW)
NTGG Nengo-Nengo Atoll [Nengo-Nengo Airport], Tuamotu Islands, PF (1699 mi / 2734 km N)
NTGQ PUK Pukarua, PF (1699 mi / 2735 km N)
NTTO HOI Hao, Tuamotu Islands, PF (1736 mi / 2794 km N)
NTGO TKV Tatakoto, PF (1768 mi / 2846 km N)
NTGH HHZ Hikueru Atoll, PF (1790 mi / 2881 km N)
NTGA AAA Anaa, PF (1846 mi / 2971 km N)
SCIP IPC Easter Island (Isla de Pascua, Rapa Nui) [Mataveri Intl], Valparaíso, CL (1855 mi / 2985 km NE)
NTGM MKP Makemo, PF (1869 mi / 3008 km N)

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