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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 4255'14"N 10152'57"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KBUB BUB BUB Burwell [Cram Field], Nebraska, US (161 mi / 258 km SE)
WY25 Wheatland [Snell - North Laramie River Airport], Wyoming, US (161 mi / 260 km W)
SD48 Faith [Blomberg 42 Ranch Airport (Private)], South Dakota, US (162 mi / 261 km N)
76V Glendo [Thomas Memorial Airport], Wyoming, US (162 mi / 261 km W)
SD36 Ridgeview [Booth Ranch Airport], South Dakota, US (162 mi / 261 km N)
17V Haxtun [Muni], Colorado, US (163 mi / 262 km S)
26CO Holyoke [Melissa Memorial Hospital Heliport], Colorado, US (163 mi / 262 km S)
NE16 Gothenburg [Gothenburg Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US (163 mi / 263 km SE)
KHEQ HEQ Holyoke, Colorado, US (164 mi / 263 km S)
NE81 Spencer [Huffy's Airport], Nebraska, US (164 mi / 264 km E)
NE08 Lamar [Larrabee Farm Airport], Nebraska, US (164 mi / 264 km S)
KGTE GTE Gothenburg [Muni], Nebraska, US (164 mi / 264 km SE)
9D0 Highmore [Muni], South Dakota, US (165 mi / 266 km NE)
KONL ONL ONL O'Neill [The O'Neill Muni-John L Baker Field], Nebraska, US (166 mi / 267 km E)
1SD0 Glad Valley [Dorsey Ranch Airport], South Dakota, US (166 mi / 267 km N)
1SD5 White Lake [Drake Farm Airport], South Dakota, US (166 mi / 267 km E)
KEAN EAN EAN Wheatland [Phifer Airfield], Wyoming, US (167 mi / 268 km W)
KIML IML IML Imperial [Muni], Nebraska, US (167 mi / 269 km S)
NE89 O'Neill [Bar Lazy B Airport], Nebraska, US (167 mi / 269 km E)
2NE5 Gothenburg [Fiese Airstrip], Nebraska, US (167 mi / 269 km SE)

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