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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4244'01"N 8432'48"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
08MI Lansing [Sparrow Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US (1 mi / 1 km E)
09MI Lansing [Michigan National Guard Headquarters Heliport], Michigan, US (2 mi / 3 km S)
MI34 Lansing [McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US (2 mi / 3 km S)
KLAN LAN LAN Lansing [Capital Region Intl], Michigan, US (4 mi / 6 km NW)
65MI Lansing [Jet Pad], Michigan, US (4 mi / 6 km S)
41G Bath [University Airpark], Michigan, US (8 mi / 13 km NE)
92MI Dewitt [Zischke Airport], Michigan, US (10 mi / 15 km NW)
4D0 Grand Ledge [Abrams Muni], Michigan, US (10 mi / 16 km W)
29MI Mason [Sawyer Field], Michigan, US (10 mi / 17 km SE)
MI38 Mason [Eichmeier Field], Michigan, US (11 mi / 18 km SE)
89Y Williamston [Maidens Airport], Michigan, US (11 mi / 18 km E)
60G Eaton Rapids [Skyway Estates Airport], Michigan, US (12 mi / 19 km SW)
MI73 Mason [Potato Pond Heliport], Michigan, US (12 mi / 19 km SE)
MI10 Dewitt [Hoerners Corners Airport], Michigan, US (12 mi / 20 km NW)
MI28 St. Johns [Archer Memorial Field], Michigan, US (13 mi / 20 km N)
KTEW TEW Mason [Mason Jewett Field], Michigan, US (13 mi / 21 km SE)
15W Laingsburg [Dennis Farms Airport], Michigan, US (14 mi / 22 km NE)
3F5 Westphalia [Forest Hill Airport], Michigan, US (14 mi / 22 km NW)
25MI St. Johns [Howard Airfield], Michigan, US (14 mi / 23 km N)
04MI Eaton Rapids [Rapids Airway Airport], Michigan, US (14 mi / 23 km S)

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