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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 4242'36"N 12349'55"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RKC 1O5 Montague [Montague-Yreka Rohrer Field], California, US (95 mi / 152 km SE)
KSIY SIY SIY Montague [Siskiyou County Airport], California, US (95 mi / 153 km SE)
33OR Elmira [Crow-Mag Airport], Oregon, US (96 mi / 155 km N)
REDW Redwood National and State Parks [Redwood NP], California, US (98 mi / 157 km S)
5S0 Oakridge [Oakridge State Airport], Oregon, US (98 mi / 158 km NE)
OR69 Eugene [Sacred Heart General Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US (100 mi / 160 km N)
17OG Eugene [Eugene Fire Station #2 Heliport], Oregon, US (100 mi / 161 km N)
05OG Eugene [Drill Field Pad], Oregon, US (100 mi / 161 km N)
CHZ 2S7 Chiloquin [Chiloquin State Airport], Oregon, US (100 mi / 161 km E)
13OR Oakridge [Aubrey Mountain Airstrip], Oregon, US (100 mi / 162 km NE)
36OR Springfield/Jasper [Jasper Ridge Airstrip], Oregon, US (101 mi / 163 km NE)
41OR Springfield [McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US (102 mi / 164 km NE)
23OR Springfield [Saxon's Heliport], Oregon, US (102 mi / 165 km NE)
OG32 Eugene [Mahlon Sweet Field Heliport], Oregon, US (102 mi / 165 km N)
KEUG EUG EUG Eugene [Mahlon Sweet Field], Oregon, US (103 mi / 165 km N)
OG64 Springfield [River Bend Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US (103 mi / 166 km NE)
2S2 Beaver Marsh [Beaver Marsh State Airport], Oregon, US (107 mi / 172 km E)
OR47 Junction City [Strauch Field], Oregon, US (107 mi / 172 km N)
9OR3 Klamath Falls [Sky Lakes Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US (109 mi / 176 km E)
OG48 Coburg [Greer Airport], Oregon, US (109 mi / 176 km N)

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