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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4145'24"N 10449'18"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WY29 Chugwater [Vowers Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US (9 mi / 15 km S)
(WY28) Yoder [Canyon View Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US (16 mi / 26 km E)
WY59 Wheatland [Two Bar Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US (18 mi / 29 km NW)
KEAN EAN EAN Wheatland [Phifer Airfield], Wyoming, US (21 mi / 34 km N)
KGUR GUR Guernsey [Camp Guernsey Airport], Wyoming, US (35 mi / 56 km N)
WY25 Wheatland [Snell - North Laramie River Airport], Wyoming, US (38 mi / 62 km N)
WY05 Cheyenne [Skyview Airpark], Wyoming, US (39 mi / 63 km S)
WY26 Torrington [Community Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US (40 mi / 64 km NE)
KTOR TOR TOR Torrington [Muni], Wyoming, US (41 mi / 65 km NE)
WY50 Cheyenne [Cheyenne Echo Heliport], Wyoming, US (41 mi / 67 km S)
KCYS CYS CYS Cheyenne [Cheyenne Regional/Jerry Olson Field], Wyoming, US (41 mi / 67 km S)
WY45 Cheyenne [Sloan Airport], Wyoming, US (42 mi / 67 km S)
KFEW FEW FEW Cheyenne [Francis E Warren AFB Heliport], Wyoming, US (43 mi / 68 km S)
WY61 Laramie [ROCK & A Hard Place Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US (48 mi / 78 km SW)
WY40 Laramie [Ivinson Memorial Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US (49 mi / 79 km SW)
76V Glendo [Thomas Memorial Airport], Wyoming, US (54 mi / 86 km N)
KLAR LAR LAR Laramie [Laramie Regional], Wyoming, US (54 mi / 87 km SW)
82V Pine Bluffs [Muni], Wyoming, US (55 mi / 88 km SE)
SCBL Scotts Bluff National Monument [Scotts Bluff NM], Nebraska, US (58 mi / 93 km E)
12NE Scottsbluff [Reisig Brothers Airport], Nebraska, US (59 mi / 95 km E)

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