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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4043'N 7400'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UCFO OSS Osh [Intl], Osh, KG (64 mi / 103 km W)
UTKA AZN Andizhan [Andizhan Airport], Andijon, UZ (90 mi / 144 km W)
UTKF FEG UT1S Fergana [Intl], Farg'ona, UZ (121 mi / 195 km W)
UTKN NMA Namangan [Namangan Airport], Namangan, UZ (129 mi / 208 km W)
ZWSH KHG Kashgar (Kashi) [Kashgar Airport], Xinjiang, CN (134 mi / 216 km SE)
UCFW Kant [Kant AB], Chuy, KG (154 mi / 248 km N)
UAFW Kant [Kant AB], Chuy, KG (Code changed to UCFW)
UAFF Tokmak [Tokmak Airport (Frunze Airport)], Chuy, KG (161 mi / 260 km NE)
UCFM FRU Bishkek [Manas Intl (Frunze)], Chuy, KG (164 mi / 263 km N)
UAFM Bishkek [Manas Intl (Frunze)], Chuy, KG (Code changed to UCFM)
UA36 Lugovoy, Zhambyl, KZ (169 mi / 272 km N)
UCFB UA30 Batken [Intl], Batken, KG (173 mi / 279 km W)
UT1A Isfara, TJ (180 mi / 290 km W)
UCFL Tamchy (Ysykkul) [Issyk-Kul Intl (Tamchy Airport)], Issyk-Kul, KG (191 mi / 307 km NE)
UAFL Tamchy (Ysykkul) [Issyk-Kul Intl (Tamchy Airport)], Issyk-Kul, KG (Code changed to UCFL)
UADD DMB Taraz (Jambyl, Aulie Ata) [Taraz Airport (Jambyl Airport)], Zhambyl, KZ (203 mi / 327 km NW)
OADZ DAZ Darwaz, Badakhshan, AF (228 mi / 367 km SW)
UTDL LBD Khujand (Khudzhand) [Khujand Airport], Sughd, TJ (229 mi / 369 km W)
UAAR BXJ Almaty (Alma Ata) [Boralday Airport (Boroldai, Burundai)], Almaty, KZ (235 mi / 378 km NE)
UA66 Chirchik, UZ (237 mi / 382 km W)

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