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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4037'04"N 11641'24"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KBAM BAM BAM Battle Mountain, Nevada, US (10 mi / 16 km W)
NV89 Crescent Valley [Red Owl Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (11 mi / 18 km SE)
53NV Battle Mountain [Battle Mountain EMS Heliport], Nevada, US (13 mi / 21 km W)
U74 Crescent Valley, Nevada, US (15 mi / 25 km SE)
NV22 Elko [Red Rock Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (47 mi / 75 km SE)
KEKO EKO EKO Elko [Elko Regional], Nevada, US (49 mi / 79 km E)
NV20 Elko [Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US (52 mi / 84 km E)
NV64 Battle Mountain [Swanson Ranch 3 Airport], Nevada, US (56 mi / 90 km SW)
22NV Winnemucca [Humboldt General Hospital EMS Heliport], Nevada, US (60 mi / 96 km NW)
KWMC WMC WMC Winnemucca [Muni], Nevada, US (62 mi / 99 km W)
NV12 Tuscarora [I-L Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (67 mi / 108 km N)
03NV Ruby Valley [Llama Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (73 mi / 118 km E)
NV30 Fallon [Dixie Valley Airport], Nevada, US (75 mi / 121 km SW)
08U North Fork [Stevens-Crosby Airport], Nevada, US (76 mi / 122 km NE)
EUE 05U Eureka, Nevada, US (79 mi / 127 km SE)
NV08 Mountain City [Petan Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (81 mi / 131 km N)
KTMT ASQ TMT Austin, Nevada, US (84 mi / 135 km S)
NV04 Deeth [Marys River Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (89 mi / 144 km NE)
NV07 Wells [Two Star Ranch Airport], Nevada, US (92 mi / 147 km E)
NV35 Austin [Hudson Airport], Nevada, US (93 mi / 150 km SW)

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