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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 4030'37"N 10221'35"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
7CO4 Arriba [Koch Field], Colorado, US (97 mi / 155 km SW)
KLBF LBF LBF North Platte [North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field], Nebraska, US (98 mi / 157 km NE)
8CO2 Briggsdale [William Leon Schawo Airport], Colorado, US (98 mi / 157 km W)
47V Curtis [Muni], Nebraska, US (100 mi / 160 km E)
CO25 Agate [Metrogro Farm Airport], Colorado, US (101 mi / 162 km SW)
27KS Goodland [Bellamy Farm Airport], Kansas, US (101 mi / 163 km S)
KCBK CBK CBK Colby [Shalz Field], Kansas, US (102 mi / 164 km SE)
CD17 Byers [Bijou Basin Airport], Colorado, US (102 mi / 165 km SW)
74CO Roggen [Westberg-Rosling Farms Airport], Colorado, US (103 mi / 165 km W)
82V Pine Bluffs [Muni], Wyoming, US (103 mi / 166 km NW)
25NE Melbeta [Corr Airport], Nebraska, US (103 mi / 166 km NW)
7KS8 Oberlin [Shaw Aerial Spraying Airport], Kansas, US (105 mi / 169 km SE)
KOIN OIN Oberlin [Muni], Kansas, US (107 mi / 172 km SE)
1V2 Hyannis [Grant County Airport], Nebraska, US (108 mi / 174 km N)
6NE7 Bartley [Lee Field], Nebraska, US (108 mi / 174 km E)
KAIA AIA AIA Alliance [Muni], Nebraska, US (109 mi / 175 km N)
KLIC LIC LIC Limon [Muni], Colorado, US (110 mi / 177 km SW)
49CO Roggen [Air Dusters Inc. Airport], Colorado, US (110 mi / 177 km W)
CO26 Galeton [Kutcher-Lakeview Airport], Colorado, US (111 mi / 178 km W)
CO17 Byers [Sky Haven Airport], Colorado, US (112 mi / 180 km SW)

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