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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 4°30'S 172°08'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NVSX SWJ Southwest Bay (South West Bay), Malekula Island, Malampa, VU (1613 mi / 2596 km SW)
NVSZ OLJ Olpoi [North West Santo], Espíritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (1617 mi / 2602 km SW)
NVVW TAH Tanna (White Grass), Tanna Island, Taféa, VU (1624 mi / 2614 km SW)
NVVK Lenakel, Tanna Island, Taféa, VU (1625 mi / 2615 km SW)
NVVA AUY Anelghowhat (Inyeug Island), Anatom (Aneityum, Kéamu) Island, Taféa, VU (1630 mi / 2623 km SW)
NTTR RFP Raiatea [Uturoa], Society Islands, PF (1635 mi / 2631 km SE)
UTK 03N Utirik Island [Utirik Airport], MH (1645 mi / 2648 km NW)
NTTH HUH Huahine [Fare], Society Islands, PF (1659 mi / 2670 km SE)
PKWA KWA KWA Kwajalein Atoll [Bucholz AAF Airport (Kwajalein KMR, Kwajalein Missile Range)], MH (1659 mi / 2671 km NW)
PKRO ROI Roi-Namur [Freeflight Intl (Dyess AAF)], Kwajalein Atoll, MH (1700 mi / 2735 km NW)
EAL Elenak [Elenak Airport], Kwajalein Atoll, MH (1732 mi / 2788 km NW)
EBN Ebadon [Ebadon Airstrip], Kwajalein Atoll, MH (1735 mi / 2791 km NW)
NTGV MVT Mataiva, PF (1746 mi / 2811 km SE)
LML Lae Island, MH (1752 mi / 2820 km NW)
NTTE TTI Tetiaroa, Society Islands, PF (1754 mi / 2823 km SE)
NTTM MOZ Moorea [Temae], Society Islands, PF (1759 mi / 2830 km SE)
NWWA TGJ Tiga, NC (1766 mi / 2842 km SW)
NTAA PPT Papeete [Faa'a], Tahiti, Society Islands, PF (1770 mi / 2848 km SE)
NWWR MEE Maré [La Roche], Loyalty Islands, NC (1770 mi / 2849 km SW)
NWWL LIF Lifou [Ouanaham], Loyalty Islands, NC (1782 mi / 2867 km SW)

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