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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3935'05"N 7700'07"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PA84 Thomasville [Level Acres Farm Airport], Pennsylvania, US (26 mi / 42 km N)
MD25 Columbia [Howard County General Hospital Heliport], Maryland, US (26 mi / 42 km S)
73PA York [Gilbert Airport], Pennsylvania, US (27 mi / 43 km NE)
44MD Baltimore [Union Memorial Hospital Heliport], Maryland, US (27 mi / 44 km SE)
84PN Stewartstown [Draco Airport], Pennsylvania, US (27 mi / 44 km NE)
1MD5 Laytonsville [Federal Support Center Heliport], Maryland, US (28 mi / 45 km S)
MD48 Long Green [Albrecht Airstrip], Maryland, US (28 mi / 45 km E)
12MD Baltimore [St. Agnes Health Care Heliport], Maryland, US (28 mi / 45 km SE)
8MD2 Baltimore [Montebello Filtration Plant Heliport], Maryland, US (28 mi / 45 km SE)
ZBP Baltimore [Penn Station], Maryland, US (28 mi / 45 km SE)
7PN7 York [Wellspan York Hospital Alternate Heliport], Pennsylvania, US (28 mi / 46 km NE)
71PA York [YBP Heliport], Pennsylvania, US (28 mi / 46 km N)
MD71 Baltimore [University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center Heliport], Maryland, US (29 mi / 46 km SE)
94PN York [Wellspan York Hospital Heliport], Pennsylvania, US (29 mi / 47 km NE)
6MD3 Wolfsville [Harp Airport], Maryland, US (29 mi / 47 km W)
MD10 Baltimore [Baltimore Police Department Heliport], Maryland, US (29 mi / 47 km SE)
3PN0 Biglerville [Schulteis Airport], Pennsylvania, US (29 mi / 47 km NW)
3MD7 Baltimore [Green Terrace Heliport], Maryland, US (29 mi / 47 km SE)
0MD3 Baltimore [Johns Hopkins Hospital Heliport], Maryland, US (30 mi / 47 km SE)
17MD Baltimore [Johns Hopkins Hospital Critical Care Tower Heliport], Maryland, US (30 mi / 48 km SE)

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