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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 3920'25"N 8435'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
3OH9 Wilmington [Merts Field], Ohio, US (42 mi / 68 km E)
2OA7 Felicity [Utter Field], Ohio, US (43 mi / 69 km SE)
OI57 Hamersville [McKinney Field], Ohio, US (43 mi / 70 km SE)
OA10 Mount Orab [Workman's Landing Airport], Ohio, US (43 mi / 70 km SE)
KILN ILN ILN Wilmington [Wilmington Air Park], Ohio, US (43 mi / 70 km E)
69OH Xenia [Greene Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US (43 mi / 70 km NE)
OH96 Mount Orab [Neals Airport], Ohio, US (43 mi / 70 km SE)
OA23 Arcanum [Heins Field], Ohio, US (43 mi / 70 km N)
KDAY DAY DAY Dayton [James M Cox Dayton Intl], Ohio, US (44 mi / 70 km NE)
19KY Dry Ridge [Conrads Airport], Kentucky, US (44 mi / 70 km S)
9OI4 Wilmington [Quail Lakes Heliport], Ohio, US (44 mi / 71 km E)
OH78 Laura [Swigart Airport], Ohio, US (44 mi / 71 km N)
KFFO FFO FFO Dayton [Wright-Patterson AFB], Ohio, US (44 mi / 72 km NE)
IN12 Connersville [Dungan Airport], Indiana, US (45 mi / 72 km NW)
OH41 Hillsboro [Bell Air Ranch Heliport], Ohio, US (45 mi / 72 km E)
7OA7 Xenia [Skydive Greene County Inc. Airport], Ohio, US (45 mi / 73 km NE)
K62 Falmouth [Gene Snyder Airport], Kentucky, US (45 mi / 73 km S)
CHYO Wilberforce [Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers NM (Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument)], Ohio, US (45 mi / 73 km NE)
9II8 Holton [Francis Airport], Indiana, US (45 mi / 73 km SW)
32II Vevay [Roberts Airport], Indiana, US (45 mi / 73 km SW)

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