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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 3913'27"N 7255'26"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OAEK Keshm, Badakhshan, AF (225 mi / 363 km SW)
UTDD DYU Dushanbe (Stalinabad) [Intl], Dushanbe, TJ (226 mi / 364 km W)
ZWSC QSZ Shache [Yeerqiang Airport (Shache Airport)], Xinjiang, CN (233 mi / 376 km E)
UTTP Tashkent [Tashkent East Airport], Toshkent, UZ (236 mi / 380 km NW)
UA66 Chirchik, UZ (237 mi / 382 km NW)
GC0108 Tashkent [Sergeli Airport], Toshkent, UZ (238 mi / 383 km NW)
UTTT TAS Tashkent [Intl (Yuzhny Airport)], Toshkent, UZ (238 mi / 383 km NW)
OPCH CJL Chitral (Chetrar) [Chitral Airport], Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PK (238 mi / 383 km S)
UTDT KQT Qurghonteppa (Kurgan Tyube) [Intl], Khatlon, TJ (239 mi / 385 km W)
OPGT GIL Gilgit [Gilgit Airport], Gilgit-Baltistan, PK (241 mi / 387 km S)
OAQM Kron Monajn, Badakhshan, AF (243 mi / 391 km SW)
OAKG Khojaghar, Takhar, AF (244 mi / 392 km SW)
OARZ KUR Karanomunjan (Kuran-O-Munjan, Kron Monjan) [Razer], Badakhshan, AF (250 mi / 403 km SW)
OATQ TQN Taluqan, Takhar, AF (251 mi / 403 km SW)
UA36 Lugovoy, Zhambyl, KZ (259 mi / 417 km N)
UADD DMB Taraz (Jambyl, Aulie Ata) [Taraz Airport (Jambyl Airport)], Zhambyl, KZ (264 mi / 426 km N)
OPCL CHB Chilas [Chilas Airport], Gilgit-Baltistan, PK (270 mi / 434 km S)
UCFW Kant [Kant AB], Chuy, KG (270 mi / 434 km N)
UAFW Kant [Kant AB], Chuy, KG (Code changed to UCFW)
UTSR Sary-Asiya (Sariasiya), Surxondaryo, UZ (274 mi / 442 km W)

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