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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3901'08"N 8123'05"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2WV3 Elizabeth [Hales Landing Airport], West Virginia, US (7 mi / 11 km N)
KUSW USW Spencer [Boggs Field], West Virginia, US (14 mi / 22 km S)
55I Spencer [Slate Run Airport], West Virginia, US (17 mi / 28 km S)
5WV5 Parkersburg [St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport], West Virginia, US (20 mi / 32 km NW)
WV38 Parkersburg [West Parkersburg SPB], West Virginia, US (20 mi / 32 km NW)
WV39 Ravenswood [Ravenswood SPB], West Virginia, US (21 mi / 34 km W)
WV73 Parkersburg [Wood County Heliport], West Virginia, US (22 mi / 36 km N)
KPKB PKB PKB Parkersburg [Mid-Ohio Valley Regional], West Virginia, US (23 mi / 36 km N)
OH38 Belpre [Blue Bird Airport], Ohio, US (24 mi / 38 km NW)
I18 Ravenswood [Jackson County Airport], West Virginia, US (24 mi / 39 km W)
WV50 Fairplain [Dickirson Heliport], West Virginia, US (24 mi / 39 km SW)
OH85 Marietta [Marietta Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US (29 mi / 46 km N)
WV40 St. Mary's [St. Mary's SPB], West Virginia, US (29 mi / 47 km N)
OH89 Marietta [Selby General Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US (29 mi / 47 km N)
OH55 Barlow [Rod's Sod Airport], Ohio, US (30 mi / 48 km NW)
OI59 Chester [Miller Airport], Ohio, US (30 mi / 49 km W)
9OH6 Pomeroy [Holzer Emergency Medical Facility Heliport], Ohio, US (34 mi / 55 km W)
WV35 Mason [Pomeroy-Mason SPB], West Virginia, US (34 mi / 55 km W)
3I2 Point Pleasant [Mason County Airport], West Virginia, US (39 mi / 63 km W)
75WV West Union [Nicholson Airport], West Virginia, US (41 mi / 66 km E)

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