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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 3900'15"N 9407'42"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MU16 Jamesport [Spillman Field], Missouri, US (71 mi / 114 km N)
MO36 Keytesville [Eisberg Farms Airport], Missouri, US (72 mi / 116 km NE)
23MU Osceola [Sean D Sheldon Memorial Airfield], Missouri, US (72 mi / 116 km S)
MU03 Brookfield [Stockwell Field], Missouri, US (72 mi / 116 km NE)
7KS2 Overbrook [Cloud Airport], Kansas, US (73 mi / 117 km W)
28MO Roscoe [Pasley Airport], Missouri, US (73 mi / 118 km S)
61KS Troy [Masters Field], Kansas, US (73 mi / 118 km NW)
MU77 Fayette [Aero Britton Airport], Missouri, US (76 mi / 122 km E)
K68 Garnett [Muni], Kansas, US (77 mi / 124 km SW)
MU54 Brookfield [General John J Pershing Memorial Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US (78 mi / 125 km NE)
KVER VER Boonville [Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport], Missouri, US (78 mi / 125 km E)
9MO4 Savannah [Worth Airport], Missouri, US (78 mi / 126 km NW)
40KS Williamsburg [Chanay Airport], Kansas, US (78 mi / 126 km SW)
VRS 3VS Versailles [Roy Otten Memorial Airfield], Missouri, US (79 mi / 126 km SE)
81KS Meriden [Blackhawk Airport], Kansas, US (79 mi / 127 km W)
2KS9 Topeka [Starshire Farm Airport], Kansas, US (79 mi / 127 km W)
90KS Topeka [Sunset Strip Airpark], Kansas, US (79 mi / 127 km W)
82KS Mapleton [Greg Post Farms Airport], Kansas, US (79 mi / 127 km SW)
SN69 Hammond [Emmerson Airport], Kansas, US (79 mi / 127 km S)
87K El Dorado Springs [El Dorado Springs Memorial Airport], Missouri, US (79 mi / 128 km S)

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