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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 3859'10"N 8449'32"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
3KY5 Carrollton [Carroll County Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US (28 mi / 45 km SW)
8OA3 Cincinnati [The Jewish Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US (28 mi / 46 km NE)
8I1 Vevay [Robinson Airport], Indiana, US (28 mi / 46 km SW)
3KY4 Carrollton [Craw Daddy Landing Airport], Kentucky, US (29 mi / 47 km SW)
OA03 Fairfield [B & W Metals Company Heliport], Ohio, US (29 mi / 47 km NE)
KISZ ISZ ISZ Cincinnati [Cincinnati-Blue Ash Airport], Ohio, US (30 mi / 48 km NE)
3OI7 Sharonville [Valley Asphalt Heliport], Ohio, US (30 mi / 48 km NE)
86OI Blue Ash [Belcan Heliport], Ohio, US (30 mi / 48 km NE)
OH70 Indian Hill [Gallenstein Heliport], Ohio, US (30 mi / 48 km NE)
9II8 Holton [Francis Airport], Indiana, US (30 mi / 49 km W)
61KY Owenton [Schroder Airport], Kentucky, US (30 mi / 49 km S)
K62 Falmouth [Gene Snyder Airport], Kentucky, US (30 mi / 49 km SE)
KHAO HAO HAO Hamilton [Butler Co. Regional-Hogan Field], Ohio, US (31 mi / 49 km NE)
22OH Blue Ash [Galenstein Park Heliport], Ohio, US (31 mi / 50 km NE)
95OI Indian Hill [C C A Heliport], Ohio, US (32 mi / 51 km NE)
OA22 Montgomery [Bethesda North Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US (32 mi / 51 km NE)
OA60 Cincinnati [Green Heliport], Ohio, US (32 mi / 52 km NE)
OA15 Hamilton [Fort Hamilton Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US (33 mi / 52 km NE)
45OH New Richmond [Boober Airport], Ohio, US (33 mi / 53 km E)
I69 Batavia [Clermont County Airport], Ohio, US (34 mi / 54 km E)

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