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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 38°53'30"N 16°35'58"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LICZ NSY Sigonella [NAS Sigonella], Sicily, IT (138 mi / 221 km SW)
LIBR BDS Brindisi [Brindisi-Salento Airport (Brindisi Papola Casale Airport)], Apulia, IT (141 mi / 228 km NE)
LIRI QSR Salerno [Pontecagnano], Campania, IT (149 mi / 240 km NW)
LIBD BRI Bari [Bari Karol Wojtyla Intl (Palese Macchie)], Apulia, IT (155 mi / 250 km N)
LIRT Trevico, IT (166 mi / 267 km NW)
RRO Sorrento, IT (168 mi / 271 km NW)
LICB CIY Comiso [Comiso Airport "Pio La Torre" (Vincenzo Magliocco Airport)], Sicily, IT (170 mi / 274 km SW)
LIQC PRJ Capri [Anacapri Damecuta], Campania, IT (172 mi / 277 km NW)
GC0037 Terzigno (Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius) [Pompeii Airfield], IT (173 mi / 278 km NW)
LICL Gela, Sicily, IT (179 mi / 288 km SW)
ZMJ Naples (Napoli) [Mergellina Harbour], Campania, IT (184 mi / 296 km NW)
LIBF FOG Foggia [Gino Lisa Airport], Apulia, IT (184 mi / 296 km N)
ZMI Naples (Napoli) [Mergellina Railway Station], Campania, IT (184 mi / 296 km NW)
LGKR CFU Kerkyra [Ioannis Kapodistrias Intl], Corfu, Ionía Nísia, GR (184 mi / 297 km E)
LIRN NAP Naples (Napoli) [Intl (Capodichino)], Campania, IT (184 mi / 297 km NW)
LICP Palermo (Boccadifalco) [Palermo-Boccadifalco (Emanuele Notarbartolo Airport)], Sicily, IT (186 mi / 299 km W)
LAVL Vlora, AL (188 mi / 303 km NE)
LIBA Foggia (Amendola) [Foggia-Amendola Luigi Rovelli Airport], Apulia, IT (189 mi / 304 km N)
ISH Ischia, IT (192 mi / 310 km NW)
LICJ PMO Palermo (Punta Raisi) [Falcone e Borsellino Intl (Punta Raisi Airport)], Sicily, IT (196 mi / 316 km W)

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