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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 3823'30"N 8929'15"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MO92 Bridgeton [SSM Health Depaul Hospital-St. Louis Heliport], Missouri, US (57 mi / 92 km NW)
LL45 Gillespie [Lindell Loveless Airport], Illinois, US (57 mi / 92 km N)
MO12 Chesterfield [St. Lukes Hospital West Heliport], Missouri, US (58 mi / 93 km W)
KFWC FWC Fairfield [Muni], Illinois, US (58 mi / 94 km E)
4IL4 St. Elmo [Kuebler RLA Airport], Illinois, US (58 mi / 94 km NE)
30IL Flora [Clay County Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US (58 mi / 94 km E)
1IL1 Irving [Horsefeathers Ranch Airport], Illinois, US (59 mi / 95 km N)
1LL5 Hillsboro [Justison Airport], Illinois, US (59 mi / 95 km N)
KFOA FOA Flora [Muni], Illinois, US (59 mi / 95 km E)
1H0 St. Louis [Creve Coeur Airport], Missouri, US (60 mi / 96 km NW)
MO44 St. Charles [SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-St. Charles Heliport], Missouri, US (60 mi / 97 km NW)
9IL8 Fairfield [Fairfield Memorial Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US (60 mi / 97 km E)
92MO Eureka [Fox Run Heliport], Missouri, US (61 mi / 98 km W)
IS99 Wolf Lake [Ware-Wolf Lake Heliport], Illinois, US (61 mi / 98 km S)
16IS Goreville [Kellums Airport], Illinois, US (62 mi / 100 km SE)
MU22 Fredericktown [Joseph Scott Airport], Missouri, US (62 mi / 100 km SW)
01IS Dow [William E Koenig Airport], Illinois, US (62 mi / 100 km NW)
6IL1 Galatia [The American Coal Company Heliport], Illinois, US (62 mi / 100 km SE)
LL49 Jerseyville [Raymond RLA Airport], Illinois, US (63 mi / 101 km NW)
KSET SET St. Charles [St. Charles County Smartt Airport], Missouri, US (63 mi / 101 km NW)

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