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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3758'48"N 9118'00"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KUBX UBX Cuba [Muni], Missouri, US (9 mi / 15 km NW)
MO52 Sullivan [Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US (17 mi / 27 km NE)
96MU St. James [Green Airfield], Missouri, US (17 mi / 27 km W)
KUUV UUV Sullivan [Sullivan Regional], Missouri, US (19 mi / 31 km NE)
MO84 Viburnum, Missouri, US (20 mi / 33 km SE)
36MO Rolla [Harrison Airport (Private)], Missouri, US (21 mi / 34 km SW)
MO48 Owensville [Red Oak Airport], Missouri, US (26 mi / 41 km N)
MO40 Salem [Salem Memorial Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US (27 mi / 43 km SW)
47MO Rolla [Phelps County Regional Medical Center Heliport], Missouri, US (27 mi / 43 km W)
KVIH VIH VIH Rolla/Vichy [Rolla National Airport], Missouri, US (28 mi / 44 km W)
9MO8 Owensville [Owensville Ambulance District Heliport], Missouri, US (28 mi / 45 km NW)
RLA K07 Rolla [Rolla Downtown Airport], Missouri, US (28 mi / 45 km W)
K33 Salem [Salem Memorial Airport], Missouri, US (30 mi / 49 km SW)
16MO Beaufort [Findley Field], Missouri, US (30 mi / 49 km N)
13MO Lenox [Domeyer Airport], Missouri, US (31 mi / 49 km SW)
MU14 Belle [Pepper Field], Missouri, US (31 mi / 49 km NW)
72MO Leslie [Sunnys Field], Missouri, US (31 mi / 50 km N)
8WC Potosi [Washington County Airport], Missouri, US (31 mi / 50 km E)
MO78 Belle [Stickle Cattle Farms Airport], Missouri, US (35 mi / 57 km NW)
MU83 New Haven [Air Port Hudson], Missouri, US (36 mi / 59 km N)

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