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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 3756'07"N 12142'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CL39 St. Helena [Napa County Fire Department Heliport], California, US (61 mi / 98 km NW)
74CA Fiddletown [Flying Gluepie Ranch Airport], California, US (61 mi / 99 km NE)
0CN1 Delhi [Fiorini Ranch Airport], California, US (62 mi / 99 km SE)
32CL Knights Landing [Bob's Flying Service Inc. Airport], California, US (62 mi / 100 km N)
3O1 Gustine, California, US (62 mi / 100 km SE)
5CL2 Gilroy [St. Louise Regional Hospital Heliport], California, US (63 mi / 101 km S)
CN49 Roseville [Sutter Roseville Medical Center Heliport], California, US (63 mi / 101 km NE)
59CN Pleasant Grove [James Brothers Airport], California, US (63 mi / 101 km N)
CA07 Pleasant Grove [Scheidel Ranch Airport], California, US (63 mi / 101 km N)
08CL Jamestown [Kistler Ranch Airport], California, US (63 mi / 102 km E)
(SRU) Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz) [Santa Cruz Sky Park], California, US (64 mi / 102 km S)
O15 Turlock [Muni], California, US (64 mi / 102 km SE)
CL77 Santa Cruz [Bonny Doon Airport], California, US (64 mi / 103 km S)
CL51 Santa Rosa [Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Heliport], California, US (64 mi / 104 km NW)
CA18 Robbins [Sunrise Dusters Airport], California, US (65 mi / 104 km N)
16CL Angels Camp [Mother Lode Service Center Heliport], California, US (65 mi / 104 km E)
O61 Cameron Park, California, US (65 mi / 104 km NE)
25CL Pleasant Grove [Van Dyke Strip], California, US (65 mi / 105 km N)
17CL Davenport [Las Trancas Airport], California, US (66 mi / 106 km SW)
20CL Pope Valley [Mysterious Valley Airport], California, US (67 mi / 107 km NW)

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