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Location codes 1-20 of 83 near location 37°50'21"S 72°00'30"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GC0080 Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen Islands, TF (800 mi / 1287 km S)
FIMR RRG Plaine Corail [Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport (Plaine Corail Airport)], Rodrigues Island, MU (1350 mi / 2172 km NW)
FIMP MRU Mauritius (Plaine Magnien) [Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl (Plaisance Airport)], MU (1475 mi / 2374 km NW)
FIML Plaine des Roches (Mon Loisir Sugar State Fields) [Mon Loisir Airstrip], MU (1493 mi / 2403 km NW)
FMEP ZSE St-Pierre (St-Pierre de la Réunion) [Pierrefonds], RE (1509 mi / 2428 km NW)
FMEE RUN St-Denis (St-Denis de la Réunion) [Roland Garros (Gillot)], RE (1529 mi / 2460 km NW)
FMSD FTU Tolagnaro [Maurillac Airport (Fort Dauphin Airport)], MG (1714 mi / 2759 km NW)
FMSU Vangaindrano [Vangaindrano Airport], MG (1756 mi / 2826 km NW)
FMSG RVA Farafangana, MG (1769 mi / 2847 km NW)
FMSK WVK Manakara, MG (1791 mi / 2882 km NW)
FMSM MNJ Mananjary, MG (1819 mi / 2927 km NW)
FMSL OVA Bekily [Bekily Airport], MG (1830 mi / 2946 km NW)
FMSE Betroka [Betroka Airport], MG (1831 mi / 2946 km NW)
FAME Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands, Western Cape, ZA (1839 mi / 2959 km SW)
FMSY AMP Ampanihy, MG (1840 mi / 2962 km W)
GC0033 Tromelin Island (Île Tromelin), TF (1850 mi / 2977 km NW)
FMSA Ambalavao, MG (1857 mi / 2989 km NW)
FMMH VVB Mahanoro [Mahanoro Airport], MG (1866 mi / 3002 km NW)
FMSF WFI Fianarantsoa, MG (1866 mi / 3002 km NW)
FMSI IHO Ihosy, MG (1867 mi / 3004 km NW)

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