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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 3741'57"N 10310'08"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
E19 Gruver [Muni], Texas, US (139 mi / 224 km SE)
KGLD GLD GLD Goodland [Renner Field (Goodland Muni)], Kansas, US (140 mi / 225 km NE)
3CO5 Texas Creek [Texas Creek Heliport], Colorado, US (141 mi / 226 km W)
CO19 Canon City [Tezak Airport], Colorado, US (142 mi / 228 km W)
N02 Red River [Red River Heliport], New Mexico, US (142 mi / 228 km SW)
CO93 Larkspur [Perry Park Airport], Colorado, US (142 mi / 228 km NW)
CD01 Cotopaxi [Lowe Airstrip], Colorado, US (142 mi / 229 km W)
KDUX DUX Dumas [Moore County Airport], Texas, US (142 mi / 229 km SE)
FLFO Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument [Florissant Fossil Beds NM], Colorado, US (142 mi / 229 km NW)
4CO8 Castle Rock [Kelgun Airport], Colorado, US (142 mi / 229 km NW)
CD71 Guffey [Hecox Heliport], Colorado, US (143 mi / 230 km NW)
6CO7 Byers [Happy Butt Airport], Colorado, US (143 mi / 230 km NW)
CO96 Franktown [Reed Hollow Ranch Airport], Colorado, US (143 mi / 231 km NW)
CD40 Franktown [Hilltop Heliport], Colorado, US (144 mi / 232 km NW)
2KS5 Plains [Muni], Kansas, US (145 mi / 233 km E)
30K Ingalls [Muni], Kansas, US (145 mi / 233 km E)
84CO Castle Rock [Rampart Heliport], Colorado, US (145 mi / 234 km NW)
NM32 Bell Ranch [Bell Ranch Waggoner Airport], New Mexico, US (146 mi / 236 km S)
KAXX AXX AXX Angel Fire, New Mexico, US (147 mi / 236 km SW)
NM52 Nara Visa [Camco Ranch Airport], New Mexico, US (147 mi / 236 km S)

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