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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 3741'57"N 10310'08"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
61CO Monument [Monument Helibase Heliport], Colorado, US (134 mi / 216 km NW)
NM17 Roy [Ray Ranch Airport], New Mexico, US (134 mi / 216 km SW)
KGCK GCK GCK Garden City [Garden City Regional], Kansas, US (135 mi / 217 km E)
2CO2 Alamosa [Las Arenas Earth and Sky Observatory Airport], Colorado, US (135 mi / 217 km W)
CO18 Kiowa [Chaparral Airport], Colorado, US (135 mi / 218 km NW)
CO42 Elizabeth [Circle 8 Ranch Airport], Colorado, US (135 mi / 218 km NW)
CD45 Elizabeth [Flyin' B Ranch Airport], Colorado, US (135 mi / 218 km NW)
KTQK TQK Scott City [Muni], Kansas, US (136 mi / 218 km NE)
30CO Guffey [Coyote Creek Ranch Airport], Colorado, US (136 mi / 218 km NW)
3CO7 Elizabeth [Dietrichs Airport], Colorado, US (136 mi / 218 km NW)
CO84 Kirk [Idlers Field], Colorado, US (136 mi / 219 km N)
8CO9 Elizabeth [Pine View Airport], Colorado, US (137 mi / 220 km NW)
X43 Sunray, Texas, US (137 mi / 221 km SE)
CO14 Alamosa [Alamosa Outpost Airport], Colorado, US (138 mi / 223 km W)
55CO Elizabeth [Elizabeth Emergency Heliport], Colorado, US (138 mi / 223 km NW)
2CD6 Elizabeth [Yukon Airport], Colorado, US (139 mi / 223 km NW)
8CO1 Texas Creek [Prospect Peak Heliport], Colorado, US (139 mi / 224 km NW)
N01 Mosquero [Mosquero Emergency Services Heliport], New Mexico, US (139 mi / 224 km S)
7CO3 Franktown [Buffalo Airport], Colorado, US (139 mi / 224 km NW)
92CO Hillside [Lake Creek Ranch Airport], Colorado, US (139 mi / 224 km W)

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