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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 3719'53"N 7914'52"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WV00 Arbovale [Deer Creek Farm Airport], West Virginia, US (84 mi / 135 km N)
KLKU LOW LKU Louisa [Louisa County/Freeman Field], Virginia, US (84 mi / 136 km NE)
80VA Richmond [Holly Springs Airport], Virginia, US (84 mi / 136 km NE)
14WV Linwood [Snowshoe Resort/Top of The World Heliport], West Virginia, US (84 mi / 136 km NW)
WV74 Snowshoe [Snowshoe Heliport], West Virginia, US (85 mi / 137 km NW)
1VA0 Sabot, Virginia, US (85 mi / 137 km E)
7NC7 Walnut Cove [Lewis Airstrip], North Carolina, US (85 mi / 137 km SW)
VA81 Mineral [Cub Field], Virginia, US (85 mi / 137 km NE)
9NC9 Greensboro [Meylor Field], North Carolina, US (85 mi / 137 km SW)
NC10 Macon [Nocarva Airport], North Carolina, US (85 mi / 138 km SE)
W88 Greensboro [Air Harbor Airport], North Carolina, US (86 mi / 138 km S)
29NC Efland [Larry F Warren Field], North Carolina, US (86 mi / 138 km S)
2VG3 Harrisonburg [Linville-Edom Airport], Virginia, US (86 mi / 139 km N)
59NC Gibsonville [McLean Brothers Airport], North Carolina, US (87 mi / 140 km S)
N63 Walnut Cove [Meadow Brook Field], North Carolina, US (87 mi / 140 km SW)
13NR Walnut Cove [Dusenbury Field], North Carolina, US (87 mi / 141 km SW)
91NC Burlington [Alamance Regional Medical Center Heliport], North Carolina, US (89 mi / 143 km S)
NC56 Kittrell [Deer Run Airport], North Carolina, US (89 mi / 143 km SE)
N83 Oak Ridge [DS Butler Farm and Airfield], North Carolina, US (89 mi / 143 km SW)
KLVL LVL LVL Lawrenceville [Brunswick Muni], Virginia, US (89 mi / 143 km SE)

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