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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 3709'N 9614'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
F22 Perry [Muni], Oklahoma, US (78 mi / 126 km SW)
4KS5 Wichita (Maize) [Maize Airport], Kansas, US (79 mi / 126 km NW)
1K8 Ketchum [South Grand Lake Regional], Oklahoma, US (79 mi / 128 km SE)
SN36 Conway Springs [Wamsley Field], Kansas, US (80 mi / 128 km W)
78KS Baxter Springs [Walter A Swalley Airpark], Kansas, US (80 mi / 128 km E)
24KS Viola [Weiss Acres Airport], Kansas, US (80 mi / 128 km W)
OK30 Langley [Grandcraft Landing Strip], Oklahoma, US (80 mi / 128 km SE)
SN80 Girard [Girard District Hospital Heliport], Kansas, US (80 mi / 128 km E)
6OK9 Stillwater [Mulberry Hill Airport], Oklahoma, US (80 mi / 129 km SW)
82OK Sapulpa [St. John Sapulpa Hospital Heliport], Oklahoma, US (80 mi / 129 km S)
02OK Lamont [Bobbitt Airport], Oklahoma, US (81 mi / 130 km SW)
H71 Pryor [Mid-America Industrial Airport], Oklahoma, US (81 mi / 131 km SE)
OL14 Ketchum [Harbor's In Heliport], Oklahoma, US (81 mi / 131 km SE)
SN41 Girard [Ziggy Carline Airport], Kansas, US (81 mi / 131 km E)
SN64 Goddard [Eck Field], Kansas, US (81 mi / 131 km NW)
88OK Stillwater [Hilltop Airport], Oklahoma, US (81 mi / 131 km SW)
KEMP EMP EMP Emporia [Muni], Kansas, US (81 mi / 131 km N)
48OK Pond Creek [Coyote Run Airport], Oklahoma, US (82 mi / 131 km W)
69OK Fairland [Green Country Airpark], Oklahoma, US (82 mi / 132 km E)
SN65 Goddard [Lake Waltanna Airport], Kansas, US (82 mi / 132 km W)

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