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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3656'37"N 8209'08"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
04VA Lebanon [Russell County Medical Center Heliport], Virginia, US (5 mi / 8 km SE)
19VA St. Paul [Flying W Airport], Virginia, US (9 mi / 14 km SW)
5VA7 Coeburn [Coeburn Heliport], Virginia, US (18 mi / 28 km W)
VA75 Clintwood [Caney Ridge Airport], Virginia, US (18 mi / 29 km NW)
KVJI VJI VJI Abingdon [Virginia Highlands Airport], Virginia, US (19 mi / 30 km S)
KGDY GDY Grundy [Muni], Virginia, US (20 mi / 32 km N)
7VA8 Bristol [Tri-Cities Heliport], Virginia, US (21 mi / 33 km S)
KLNP LNP LNP Wise [Lonesome Pine Airport], Virginia, US (21 mi / 34 km W)
30VA Richlands [Clinch Valley Medical Center Heliport], Virginia, US (21 mi / 34 km NE)
KJFZ JFZ Richlands [Tazewell County Airport], Virginia, US (21 mi / 34 km NE)
32VA Abingdon [Old South Aerodrome], Virginia, US (22 mi / 36 km SE)
5VA2 Bristol [Sullins Heliport], Virginia, US (23 mi / 37 km S)
4VA7 Grundy [United Coal Heliport], Virginia, US (24 mi / 39 km N)
TN04 Bristol [Bristol Regional Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US (25 mi / 41 km S)
7VA1 Bristol [Bristol Regional Medical Center Heliport], Virginia, US (25 mi / 41 km S)
VA11 Chilhowie [White Oak Stand Airport], Virginia, US (27 mi / 43 km E)
75VA Norton [Norton Community Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US (27 mi / 44 km W)
59VA Norton [Humphrey's Heliport], Virginia, US (27 mi / 44 km W)
90KY Ashcamp [Mother Nature Spring Water Heliport], Kentucky, US (28 mi / 44 km NW)
1TN9 Bristol [Crumley Field], Tennessee, US (30 mi / 49 km S)

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