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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3648'N 744'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LESJ Palma de Mallorca [Son Sant Joan Airport], Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES (Alias for LEPA)
LEPA PMI Palma de Mallorca [Son Sant Joan Airport], Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES (332 mi / 534 km NW)
LFKF FSC Figari [Sud Corse], Corse, FR (333 mi / 535 km N)
LESB Palma de Mallorca [Son Bonet], Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES (335 mi / 539 km NW)
LFKO PRP Propriano [Propriano Airport], Corse, FR (341 mi / 549 km N)
DAUL LOO Laghouat [L'Mekrareg Airport], Laghouat, DZ (343 mi / 552 km SW)
DTTD Remada [Remada AB], TN (345 mi / 555 km SE)
DAOI CFK Chlef (Ech Cheliff) [Chlef Intl (Aboubakr Belkaid Airport)], Chlef, DZ (358 mi / 576 km W)
LFKJ AJA Ajaccio [Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (Campo dell'Oro Airport)], Corse, FR (358 mi / 576 km N)
LICL Gela, Sicily, IT (359 mi / 578 km E)
HLZW WAX Zwara, LY (360 mi / 579 km SE)
DAUU OGX Ouargla [Ain Beida Airport], Ouargla, DZ (361 mi / 581 km S)
DTTR EBM El Borma, TN (362 mi / 583 km S)
LFKS SOZ Solenzara [Solenzara Airport], Corse, FR (365 mi / 587 km N)
DAOB TID Tiaret [Abdelhafid Boussouf Bou Chekif Airport], Tiaret, DZ (365 mi / 587 km W)
DAUH HME Hassi Messaoud [Oued Irara-Krim Belkacem Airport], Ouargla, DZ (365 mi / 587 km S)
DAFH HRM Hassi R'Mel [Tilrempt], Laghouat, DZ (366 mi / 590 km SW)
LMMG GZM Gozo (Ghawdex, Awdesch) [Xewkija Heliport], MT (368 mi / 593 km E)
JCO Comino [Heliport], MT (372 mi / 598 km E)
LFKG Ghisonaccia Alzitone, Corse, FR (373 mi / 601 km N)

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