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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 3648'49"N 10031'27"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
5OK5 Clinton [Integris Clinton Regional Hospital Heliport], Oklahoma, US (124 mi / 199 km SE)
8V7 Springfield [Muni], Colorado, US (124 mi / 199 km W)
KLQR LQR Larned [Larned-Pawnee County Airport], Kansas, US (124 mi / 200 km NE)
1O4 Thomas [Muni], Oklahoma, US (125 mi / 201 km SE)
KCLK CLK CLK Clinton [Clinton Regional], Oklahoma, US (125 mi / 201 km SE)
KDHT DHT DHT Dalhart [Muni], Texas, US (125 mi / 202 km SW)
KCSM CSM CSM Burns Flat (Clinton) [Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark (Oklahoma Spaceport)], Oklahoma, US (126 mi / 202 km SE)
5OK8 Thomas [Perkins Airport], Oklahoma, US (128 mi / 206 km SE)
KAMA AMA AMA Amarillo [Rick Husband Amarillo Intl], Texas, US (128 mi / 206 km SW)
CO73 Hartman [Air-Sprayers Number 2 Airport], Colorado, US (129 mi / 207 km NW)
OL18 Watonga [Flying D Airport], Oklahoma, US (129 mi / 207 km SE)
3TA Stafford [Muni], Kansas, US (130 mi / 209 km NE)
0TX4 Wellington [Mill Iron Ranch North Airport], Texas, US (130 mi / 210 km S)
5K2 Tribune [Muni], Kansas, US (131 mi / 212 km NW)
O65 Okeene [Christman Airfield], Oklahoma, US (133 mi / 213 km E)
E34 Clarendon [Smiley Johnson Muni/Bass Field], Texas, US (133 mi / 213 km S)
KCKA CKA CKA Cherokee [Kegelman AF Auxiliary Field], Oklahoma, US (133 mi / 214 km E)
OL10 Hydro [Waters Boone Airport], Oklahoma, US (134 mi / 215 km SE)
4O7 Meno [Decker Field], Oklahoma, US (134 mi / 216 km E)
7OK4 Hydro [Waters Home Airport], Oklahoma, US (134 mi / 216 km SE)

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