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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3624'N 13917'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RJBB KIX Osaka [Kansai Intl], Osaka, JP (265 mi / 427 km SW)
RJSR ONJ Odate-Noshiro (Kita Akita) [Odate-Noshiro Airport], Akita, JP (268 mi / 432 km N)
KUJ Kushimoto-Katsuura, Wakayama, JP (284 mi / 456 km SW)
RJBD SHM Shirahana [Nanki-Shirahana Airport], Wakayama, JP (291 mi / 469 km SW)
RJOR TTJ Tottori [Tottori Airport], Tottori, JP (293 mi / 471 km W)
RJOS TKS Tokushima (Matsushige) [Tokushima Airport], Shikoku Island, Tokushima, JP (307 mi / 494 km SW)
RJSA AOJ Aomori, Aomori, JP (309 mi / 497 km N)
RJSH HHE Hachinohe [Hachinohe AB], Aomori, JP (310 mi / 499 km N)
RJOP Komatsujima [Komatsujima Heliport], Shikoku Island, Tokushima, JP (311 mi / 500 km SW)
RJSM MSJ Misawa [Misawa Airport / Misawa AB], Aomori, JP (318 mi / 511 km N)
RJOB OKJ Okayama [Okayama Airport], Okayama, JP (326 mi / 525 km W)
RJBK Kohnan, Okayama, JP (326 mi / 525 km W)
RJNO OKI Okinoshima (Oki-Gunto) [Oki Airport], Shimane, JP (333 mi / 536 km W)
RJOT TAK Takamatsu [Takamatsu Airport], Shikoku Island, Kagawa, JP (334 mi / 537 km SW)
RJOH YGJ Yonago [Miho-Yonago Airport (Yonago Airort, Miho AB)], Tottori, JP (345 mi / 555 km W)
RJSO Ominato [JASDF], Aomori, JP (348 mi / 560 km N)
RJOC IZO Izumo (Hikawa) [Izumo Airport], Shimane, JP (365 mi / 587 km W)
RJOK KCZ Kochi (Nankoku) [Kochi Airport], Kochi, JP (374 mi / 602 km SW)
RJCH HKD Hakodate [Hakodate Airport], Hokkaido, JP (380 mi / 611 km N)
RJOA HIJ Hiroshima (Mihara) [Hiroshima Airport], Hiroshima, JP (384 mi / 618 km W)

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