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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 36°19'N 4°50'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DA15 Saida, Saïda, DZ (281 mi / 452 km W)
DTTB Bizerte [Sidi Ahmed AB], TN (282 mi / 454 km E)
DTTI Borj El Amri [Borj El Amri Airport], TN (286 mi / 460 km E)
DTTK QKN Kairouan, TN (298 mi / 480 km E)
DTTA TUN Tunis [Carthage Intl], TN (302 mi / 486 km E)
DAUU OGX Ouargla [Ain Beida Airport], Ouargla, DZ (304 mi / 489 km S)
DAOL TAF Oran [Oran Tafaraoui Airport], Oran, DZ (306 mi / 492 km W)
LIEE CAG Cagliari [Cagliari-Elmas Airport], Sardinia, IT (307 mi / 494 km NE)
LIED DCI Decimomannu [Rafsu Decimomannu], Sardinia, IT (308 mi / 496 km NE)
LIEF Cape Frasca, Sardinia, IT (309 mi / 497 km NE)
DAOO ORN Oran (Es Sénia) [Es Sénia Intl (Ahmed Ben Bella AB)], Oran, DZ (309 mi / 497 km W)
DTNH NBE Enfidha [Enfidha-Hammamet Intl (Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Intl)], TN (314 mi / 505 km E)
DAOS BFW Sidi Bel Abbès [Sidi Bel Abbès Airport], Sidi Bel Abbès, DZ (315 mi / 507 km W)
DAOE Bousfer (Bou Sfer) [Bousfer AB], Oran, DZ (318 mi / 512 km W)
LIEC Cape Carbonara, Sardinia, IT (320 mi / 516 km NE)
LIER Oristano [Fenosu], Sardinia, IT (322 mi / 519 km NE)
(LIES) Monte Serpeddi, Sardinia, IT (322 mi / 519 km NE)
LEAL ALC Alicante [Alicante (El Altet)], Valenciana, ES (326 mi / 525 km NW)
LEMU Muchamiel (Alicante) [Alicante-Muchamiel Airfield (Alicante-Mutxamel Airfield)], Valenciana, ES (327 mi / 526 km NW)
LECQ Ciudad-Quesada-Alicante, Valenciana, ES (328 mi / 528 km NW)

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