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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 3536'08"N 8407'20"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
7KY5 Barbourville [Barbourville ARH Heliport], Kentucky, US (87 mi / 140 km N)
14GA Gainesville [Latham Creek Heliport], Georgia, US (88 mi / 141 km S)
GE02 Calhoun [Gordon Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US (88 mi / 142 km SW)
0VG Jonesville [Lee County Airport], Virginia, US (88 mi / 142 km NE)
NC95 Asheville [Mission Hospitals Heliport], North Carolina, US (89 mi / 143 km E)
50SC Seneca [Oconee Nuclear Station Helipad], South Carolina, US (89 mi / 143 km SE)
SC75 Pickens [Oolenoy Valley Airport], South Carolina, US (89 mi / 143 km SE)
4TN6 Cookeville [Holder Field], Tennessee, US (90 mi / 144 km NW)
0GE3 Trenton [Lookout Mountain Airport], Georgia, US (90 mi / 144 km SW)
KAVL AVL AVL Asheville [Asheville Regional], North Carolina, US (90 mi / 144 km E)
3GA3 Lookout Mountain [Warren Field], Georgia, US (90 mi / 145 km SW)
5TN9 Cookeville [One Grand Field], Tennessee, US (90 mi / 145 km NW)
04TN Chuckey [Hensley Airpark], Tennessee, US (90 mi / 145 km NE)
38GA Gainesville [Lanier Park Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US (90 mi / 145 km S)
KCNI CNI Canton [Cherokee County Airport], Georgia, US (91 mi / 146 km S)
KAPT APT APT Jasper [Marion County-Brown Field], Tennessee, US (91 mi / 146 km SW)
KRVN RVN Rogersville [Hawkins County Airport], Tennessee, US (91 mi / 146 km NE)
98KY Corbin [Baptist Health Corbin Heliport], Kentucky, US (91 mi / 147 km N)
9A5 Lafayette [Barwick Lafayette Airport], Georgia, US (91 mi / 147 km SW)
25TN McMinnville [Columbia River Park Hospital Heliport], Tennessee, US (91 mi / 147 km W)

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