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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 35°30'N 109°00'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZLYN Xi'an Yanliang, Shaanxi, CN (61 mi / 98 km S)
ZLYA ENY Yan'an [Nanniwan Airport], Shaanxi, CN (72 mi / 116 km N)
ZLXY XIY Xi'an (Xian) [Xianyang Intl], Shaanxi, CN (74 mi / 119 km S)
ZLSN SIA Xi'an (Xian) [Xiguan], Shaanxi, CN (78 mi / 125 km S)
ZLQY IQN Qingyang (Xifengzhen), Gansu, CN (81 mi / 131 km W)
(ZLYA) (ENY) Yan'an [Ershilipu Airport], Shaanxi, CN (84 mi / 136 km N)
ZLLT Xi'an (Xian) [Lintong], Shaanxi, CN (96 mi / 154 km S)
ZBYC YCU Yuncheng (Zhangxiao) [Yuncheng Guangong Airport (Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport)], Shaanxi, CN (117 mi / 189 km E)
ZBLF LFQ Linfen [Linfen Qiaoli Airport], Shanxi, CN (145 mi / 233 km E)
ZLGY GYU Guyuan [Guyuan Liupanshan Airport], Ningxia, CN (161 mi / 260 km W)
ZLTS THQ Tianshui [Tianshui Maijishan Airport (Tianshui AB)], Gansu, CN (189 mi / 305 km W)
ZBLL LLV Lüliang [Lüliang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (192 mi / 309 km NE)
ZLAK AKA Ankang, Shaanxi, CN (192 mi / 310 km S)
ZLHZ HZG Hanzhong [Hanzhong Chenggu Airport (Chenggu AB)], Shaanxi, CN (193 mi / 310 km SW)
(ZLYL) (UYN) Yulin [Yulin Xisha Airport], Shaanxi, CN (195 mi / 314 km N)
ZHLY LYA Luoyang, Henan, CN (199 mi / 320 km E)
ZLYL UYN Yulin [Yulin Yuyang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (200 mi / 321 km N)
(ZLHZ) (HZG) Hanzhong [Hanzhong Xiguan Airport], Shaanxi, CN (203 mi / 327 km SW)
ZLLN LNL Longnan [Cheng Xian Airport (Longnan Chengzhou Airport)], Gansu, CN (218 mi / 350 km SW)
ZHSY WDS Shiyan [Shiyan Wudangshan Airport], Hubei, CN (228 mi / 367 km SE)

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