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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3526'26"N 10926'33"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
85V Ganado, Arizona, US (18 mi / 30 km N)
KRQE RQE Window Rock, Arizona, US (26 mi / 41 km NE)
PEFO Petrified Forest National Park [Petrified Forest NP], Arizona, US (32 mi / 51 km SW)
KGUP GUP GUP Gallup [Muni], New Mexico, US (37 mi / 60 km E)
KXNI XNI Zuni [Andrew Othole Memorial Airport], New Mexico, US (39 mi / 62 km SE)
KZUN ZUN Zuni Pueblo [Black Rock Airport], New Mexico, US (44 mi / 71 km SE)
NM1 Zuni [Black Rock Heliport], New Mexico, US (44 mi / 71 km SE)
E91 Chinle [Muni], Arizona, US (47 mi / 75 km N)
CACH Canyon de Chelly National Monument [Canyon de Chelly NM], Arizona, US (49 mi / 80 km N)
P14 Holbrook [Muni], Arizona, US (52 mi / 84 km SW)
NM56 Ramah [Mystic Bluffs Airport], New Mexico, US (59 mi / 95 km E)
PXL P10 Polacca, Arizona, US (60 mi / 97 km NW)
KSJN SJN SJN St. Johns [St. Johns Industrial Air Park], Arizona, US (64 mi / 102 km S)
NM91 Fence Lake [High Lonesome Airport], New Mexico, US (67 mi / 109 km SE)
ELMO El Morro National Monument [El Morro NM], New Mexico, US (68 mi / 109 km SE)
0E8 Crownpoint, New Mexico, US (72 mi / 117 km E)
NM27 Gallup [Sanostee Airport], New Mexico, US (75 mi / 121 km NE)
61AZ Show Low [White Mountain Ultralight Flightpark], Arizona, US (75 mi / 121 km S)
50AZ Rocky Ridge, Arizona, US (77 mi / 124 km NW)
KINW INW INW Winslow [Winslow-Lindbergh Regional], Arizona, US (78 mi / 125 km W)

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