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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 3524'52"N 10813'25"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CO27 Cortez [Tanner Field], Colorado, US (144 mi / 231 km N)
MVM 0V7 Kayenta, Arizona, US (144 mi / 231 km NW)
HOVE Hovenweep National Monument [Hovenweep NM], Colorado, US (144 mi / 232 km N)
KINW INW INW Winslow [Winslow-Lindbergh Regional], Arizona, US (144 mi / 232 km W)
KPSO PGO PSO Pagosa Springs [Stevens Field], Colorado, US (145 mi / 233 km NE)
SAPU Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument [Salinas Pueblo Missions NM], New Mexico, US (145 mi / 233 km SE)
NM55 Glenwood [Whitewater Mesa Ranch Airport], New Mexico, US (146 mi / 235 km S)
E94 Glenwood, New Mexico, US (147 mi / 236 km S)
6AZ2 Heber [Wisky Ranch/Chevlon Airport], Arizona, US (147 mi / 237 km W)
NM51 Chloride, New Mexico, US (147 mi / 237 km S)
NM92 Rowe [Tierra De Dios Airport], New Mexico, US (148 mi / 238 km E)
AZ82 Overgaard [Mogollon Airpark], Arizona, US (149 mi / 239 km SW)
66V Bluff, Utah, US (149 mi / 240 km NW)
WTR E24 Whiteriver, Arizona, US (149 mi / 240 km SW)
57NM Claunch [Monte Prieto Ranch Airport], New Mexico, US (151 mi / 242 km SE)
GICL Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument [Gila Cliff Dwellings NM], New Mexico, US (151 mi / 243 km S)
1NM0 Silver City [Me-Own Airport], New Mexico, US (152 mi / 245 km S)
CD35 Dove Creek [Pleasant View Heliport], Colorado, US (152 mi / 245 km N)
03UT Mexican Hat [A Z Minerals Corporation Airport], Utah, US (153 mi / 247 km NW)
58CO Durango [Purgatory Number One Heliport], Colorado, US (154 mi / 248 km N)

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