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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3524'52"N 10813'25"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NM02 Moriarty [Biplane Ranch Airport], New Mexico, US (121 mi / 195 km E)
KONM ONM ONM Socorro [Muni], New Mexico, US (122 mi / 196 km SE)
KDRO DRO DRO Durango [Durango-La Plata County Airport], Colorado, US (123 mi / 197 km N)
MEVE Mesa Verde National Park [Mesa Verde NP], Colorado, US (123 mi / 198 km N)
24N Dulce [Jicarilla Apache Nation Airport], New Mexico, US (123 mi / 198 km NE)
21AZ Show Low [White Mountain Lake Airport], Arizona, US (123 mi / 198 km SW)
T16 Reserve, New Mexico, US (124 mi / 199 km S)
NM21 Santa Fe [Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center Heliport], New Mexico, US (125 mi / 201 km E)
AMK 00C Durango [Animas Air Park], Colorado, US (125 mi / 201 km N)
56CO Durango [Animas Air Park Heliport], Colorado, US (125 mi / 201 km N)
KTYL TYZ TYL Taylor, Arizona, US (126 mi / 203 km SW)
PXL P10 Polacca, Arizona, US (127 mi / 204 km W)
CD11 Durango [Mountain Bell/Durango Heliport], Colorado, US (127 mi / 205 km N)
CD33 Cortez [Mesa Verde Heliport], Colorado, US (128 mi / 205 km N)
CO46 Durango [Mercy Regional Medical Center Heliport], Colorado, US (128 mi / 205 km N)
NM37 Truth Or Consequences [Adobe Ranch Airport (Private)], New Mexico, US (128 mi / 206 km S)
KSOW SOW SOW Show Low [Show Low Regional], Arizona, US (129 mi / 207 km SW)
M10 Mountainair [Muni], New Mexico, US (129 mi / 207 km SE)
YUHO Yucca House National Monument [Yucca House NM], Colorado, US (129 mi / 208 km N)
0E0 Moriarty [Muni], New Mexico, US (129 mi / 208 km E)

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