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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 3442'N 8048'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2NC5 Charlotte [Meridian Corporate Center Heliport], North Carolina, US (38 mi / 61 km N)
12SC Elgin [Over The Hill Airport], South Carolina, US (39 mi / 62 km S)
39SC Clover [Rizzy Ridge Airport], South Carolina, US (40 mi / 64 km NW)
KAKH AKH Gastonia [Muni], North Carolina, US (40 mi / 64 km NW)
SC63 Jenkinsville [Summers Station Heliport], South Carolina, US (40 mi / 65 km SW)
NR30 Harrisburg [Harrisburg Hospital Heliport], North Carolina, US (41 mi / 66 km N)
SC44 Boykin [El Porvenir Airpark], South Carolina, US (42 mi / 67 km S)
70SC Hartsville [Robinson Nuclear Power Plant Heliport], South Carolina, US (42 mi / 68 km SE)
3NC6 Harrisburg [McCachren Field], North Carolina, US (43 mi / 69 km N)
15NR Wadesboro [Anson Hospital Heliport], North Carolina, US (44 mi / 70 km NE)
3NC3 Locust [Tucker Field], North Carolina, US (44 mi / 70 km NE)
KHVS HVS HVS Hartsville [Hartsville Regional], South Carolina, US (44 mi / 71 km SE)
NR80 Gastonia [Caromont RMC Heliport], North Carolina, US (44 mi / 71 km NW)
52J Bishopville [Lee County-Butters Field], South Carolina, US (45 mi / 72 km SE)
NC41 Concord [Hendrick Motorsports Heliport], North Carolina, US (46 mi / 73 km N)
5NC3 Locust [Reed Mine Airport], North Carolina, US (46 mi / 73 km NE)
SC11 Fort Jackson [Fort Jackson Helipad], South Carolina, US (46 mi / 75 km S)
3SC3 Hartsville [Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center Heliport], South Carolina, US (47 mi / 75 km SE)
KAFP AFP Wadesboro [Anson County - Jeff Cloud Field], North Carolina, US (47 mi / 75 km NE)
2SC6 Columbia [Sled Heliport], South Carolina, US (47 mi / 76 km SW)

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