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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3436'N 9823'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KLAW LAW LAW Lawton [Lawton-Fort Sill Regional], Oklahoma, US (3 mi / 5 km SW)
18OK Lawton [Comanche County Memorial Hospital Heliport], Oklahoma, US (3 mi / 5 km W)
KFSI FSI FSI Fort Sill [Henry Post AAF Airport (Fort Sill)], Oklahoma, US (4 mi / 6 km N)
OK08 Lawton [Hill Top Airport (Private)], Oklahoma, US (5 mi / 8 km S)
71OK Lawton [Neuwirth Airstrip], Oklahoma, US (6 mi / 10 km W)
OK07 Lawton [DJS Airport], Oklahoma, US (7 mi / 11 km SE)
OK03 Elgin [Elgin's Stony Field], Oklahoma, US (14 mi / 22 km NE)
OK12 Walters [Jones Farm Field], Oklahoma, US (15 mi / 25 km SE)
3O5 Walters [Muni], Oklahoma, US (16 mi / 25 km S)
7OK8 Marlow [Jim Pettijohn Memorial Airport], Oklahoma, US (17 mi / 27 km E)
84OK Marlow [Pettijohn Acres Landing Airport], Oklahoma, US (18 mi / 29 km E)
OK91 Marlow [Malcom Farm Airport], Oklahoma, US (20 mi / 31 km E)
0OK8 Marlow [Ramey 1 Airport], Oklahoma, US (21 mi / 33 km E)
92OK Marlow [Horning Farms Airstrip], Oklahoma, US (23 mi / 37 km NE)
92F Chattanooga [Chattanooga Sky Harbor Airport], Oklahoma, US (23 mi / 38 km SW)
38OK Duncan [Duncan Regional Hospital Heliport], Oklahoma, US (24 mi / 38 km E)
OK79 Temple [Temple Airport Inc.], Oklahoma, US (25 mi / 40 km S)
KDUC DUC DUC Duncan [Halliburton Field], Oklahoma, US (26 mi / 41 km E)
61OK Marlow [Lemons Airstrip], Oklahoma, US (27 mi / 43 km E)
OK67 Duncan [Ramsak Airport], Oklahoma, US (27 mi / 44 km E)

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