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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3423'57"N 13228'07"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RJBH HIW Hiroshima [Hiroshima-Nishi Airport (Hiroshima West)], Hiroshima, JP (4 mi / 6 km SW)
RJOI IWK Iwakuni [MCAS Iwakuni], Yamaguchi, JP (22 mi / 36 km SW)
RJOA HIJ Hiroshima (Mihara) [Hiroshima Airport], Hiroshima, JP (26 mi / 42 km E)
RJOM MYJ Matsuyama [Matsuyama Airport], Skikoku, Ehime, JP (42 mi / 67 km S)
RJOW IWJ Iwami (Masuda) [Iwami Airport], Shimane, JP (43 mi / 69 km NW)
IHA Niihama, Ehime, JP (53 mi / 85 km SE)
RJOF Hofu, Yamaguchi, JP (58 mi / 94 km SW)
RJOC IZO Izumo (Hikawa) [Izumo Airport], Shimane, JP (74 mi / 119 km N)
RJDC UBJ Ube [Yamaguchi Ube Airport], Yamaguchi, JP (75 mi / 121 km SW)
RJFO OIT Oita (Kunisaki) [Oita Airport], Oita, JP (76 mi / 122 km SW)
RJOB OKJ Okayama [Okayama Airport], Okayama, JP (83 mi / 133 km E)
RJBK Kohnan, Okayama, JP (85 mi / 136 km E)
RJOZ Ozuki, Yamaguchi, JP (85 mi / 136 km W)
RJOH YGJ Yonago [Miho-Yonago Airport (Yonago Airort, Miho AB)], Tottori, JP (87 mi / 140 km NE)
RJOT TAK Takamatsu [Takamatsu Airport], Shikoku Island, Kagawa, JP (89 mi / 144 km E)
RJFR KKJ Kitakyushu (Kokura) [Kitakyushu Airport (New Kitakyushu Airport)], Fukuoka, JP (91 mi / 146 km SW)
RJOK KCZ Kochi (Nankoku) [Kochi Airport], Kochi, JP (91 mi / 146 km SE)
BPU Beppu, Oita, JP (93 mi / 150 km SW)
(RJFR) (KKJ) Kokura [Kokura Airport (Kitakyushu Airport)], Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, JP (95 mi / 154 km SW)
RJFZ Nakatsu [Tsuiki], Fukuoka, JP (96 mi / 154 km SW)

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