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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 34°09'12"N 5°50'00"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DAUB BSK Biskra [Mohamed Khider Airport], Biskra, DZ (45 mi / 72 km N)
DAUO ELU El Oued [Guemar], El Oued, DZ (70 mi / 113 km SE)
DAUK TGR Touggourt [Sidi Mahdi Airport], Ouargla, DZ (77 mi / 124 km S)
ZZB Barika [Off-line Point], Batna, DZ (89 mi / 143 km N)
DABT BLJ Batna [Mostepha Ben Boulaid Airport], Batna, DZ (114 mi / 184 km N)
DAAD BUJ Bou Saada (Boussaada) [Ain Eddis], Msila, DZ (123 mi / 198 km NW)
DTTZ TOE Tozeur [Nefta Intl], TN (131 mi / 212 km E)
DAAM Telerghma [Telerghma Airport], Oum el Bouaghi, DZ (138 mi / 222 km N)
DAAS QSF Sétif [Ain Arnat Airport (Sétif Intl, 8 Mai 45 Airport)], Sétif, DZ (142 mi / 229 km N)
DAFI QDJ Djelfa [Tletsi Airport], Djelfa, DZ (152 mi / 245 km W)
DABC CZL Constantine [Mohamed Boudiaf Intl], Constantine, DZ (154 mi / 247 km N)
DAUU OGX Ouargla [Ain Beida Airport], Ouargla, DZ (155 mi / 250 km S)
DABS TEE Tbessa [Cheikh Larbi Tébessi], Tébessa, DZ (157 mi / 253 km NE)
DAFH HRM Hassi R'Mel [Tilrempt], Laghouat, DZ (168 mi / 271 km SW)
DAUL LOO Laghouat [L'Mekrareg Airport], Laghouat, DZ (169 mi / 272 km W)
DAUG GHA Ghardaia [Noumérat-Moufdi Zakaria Airport], Ghardaïa, DZ (170 mi / 273 km SW)
DTTF GAF Gafsa [Ksar Intl], TN (171 mi / 276 km E)
DAUH HME Hassi Messaoud [Oued Irara-Krim Belkacem Airport], Ouargla, DZ (172 mi / 276 km S)
DAAE BJA Bejaia [Soummam -Abane Ramdane Airport], Béjaïa, DZ (182 mi / 292 km N)
DAAV GJL Jijel [Ferhat Abbas (Taher)], Jijel, DZ (182 mi / 293 km N)

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