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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 3403'48"N 8645'39"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AL50 Birmingham [Baptist Medical Center-Princeton Heliport], Alabama, US (39 mi / 63 km S)
KHSV HSV HSV Huntsville [Intl-Carl T Jones Field], Alabama, US (40 mi / 64 km N)
9AL9 Birmingham [Liberty Park Heliport], Alabama, US (40 mi / 65 km S)
37AL Pell City [Veterans Heliport], Alabama, US (41 mi / 66 km SE)
0AL8 Birmingham [Brookwood Medical Center Heliport], Alabama, US (41 mi / 66 km S)
AL86 Moulton [Lawrence County Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US (42 mi / 67 km NW)
3AL8 Owens Crossroads [Flint River Ranch Airport], Alabama, US (42 mi / 67 km NE)
KDCU DCU DCU Decatur [Pryor Field Regional], Alabama, US (42 mi / 68 km N)
KHUA HUA HUA Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville) [Redstone AAF Airport], Alabama, US (43 mi / 69 km N)
AL45 Birmingham [Grandville Medical Center Heliport], Alabama, US (44 mi / 70 km S)
0AL0 Huntsville [Huntsville Field Heliport], Alabama, US (44 mi / 71 km N)
AL34 Moulton [Elam's Landing Airport], Alabama, US (44 mi / 72 km NW)
9AL1 Hoover [Brookwood Fed Helipad], Alabama, US (45 mi / 72 km S)
AL10 Gurley [Frerichs Airport], Alabama, US (45 mi / 72 km NE)
9AL4 Ohatchee [Henry Dam Heliport], Alabama, US (45 mi / 73 km SE)
KPLR PLR PLR Pell City [St. Clair County Airport], Alabama, US (46 mi / 73 km SE)
0AL7 Gadsden [Gadsden Regional Medical Center Heliport], Alabama, US (46 mi / 74 km E)
AL36 Huntsville [The Huntsville Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US (46 mi / 75 km N)
AL70 Hoover [Abc 33/40 Heliport], Alabama, US (49 mi / 79 km S)
8AL1 Hoover [Med West- Hoover Heliport], Alabama, US (49 mi / 79 km S)

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